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A Moonlight Beam

We are walking after two glasses of hot chocolate and fries. I put my hands in my jacket. I know he was staring at me since we were out from the cafe but I can't see his eyes. I keep my face down, looking at my shoes. The shoes that he was given to me as my birthday present last year.  "What do you think I'll become if I'm not a drummer?", he asked. "I don't know. A music teacher?" "I think I will sell Frozen Oak. Or open a coffee shop. Or a gym." "How about being a Tim Tam man?" "That's my life purpose. To make everyone happy just like a Tim Tam." I look at him and I laugh.  "You know there is no one in this world can make you laugh like that except me." "Ross Geller made me laugh." He stops and thinking.  "Okay, I revise my sentence. No one in this world can make you laugh like that every day, at the right time, except me." I laugh.  "See it?" I continue my walk. He suddenl…

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